About us

Uptown Park has been designed to meet all the essential needs of business and its employees. Among many advantages of this business centre are: a large floor area of 2700 m², flexible office layout solutions, two-floor parking lot, bike storage area, showers, a cafe and cozy inner courtyard.

A+ Energy Class office building ensures great working conditions and low operation costs throughout the year.

When the weather gets warmer, one will be able to enjoy a lunch break in the green spaces of the city park that is being developed nearby.

Uptown Park – a great space for your business and creativity!

Modern architecture

The concept of Uptown Park was determined by the existing system of urban streets and buildings. The square-shaped network of surrounding streets creates small, individual, multi-functional blocks in precise forms. The buildings in this district encircle courtyards behind them, preserving their tranguil and vibrant inner lifestyle.

According to the architect of the building, Remigijus Bimba, Uptown Park is a separate city block on its own right. Its entire perimeter coincides with the existing streets, it has its own courtyard. The volume of the building is visually elevated, making it appear as if the building is floating above the streets - as a result building's inner space is being opened instead of being enclosed and not only visually, but also functionally.

The facade of the business centre reflects the essence of Uptown in terms of its rhythm, size, colour and light.

Functional building plan

The shape of the building, floor size and ceiling height make it possible to flexibly and conveniently arrange Uptown Park offices creating ergonomic, comfortable and efficient working spaces. An external glass facade that is 3.4 m high with openable windows ensures natural lighting for the workspaces.

Spacious underground parking

The business centre features a light and welcoming 2-storey parking lot with an electronic management system. Employees can travel directly to their offices in an elevator from both of the underground floors.

Strategically convenient location in the city centre

Uptown Park is easily accessed by both public and personal transport. From the business centre, you can reach Vilnius Old Town on foot, while International Airport, bus and railway stations are only 5-minute drive away.

The office building is clearly visible and easily recognisable while driving down the busy Švitrigailos and Naugarduko Streets.

This district offers a large selection of cafes, shops, hotels, fitness and beauty centres, other services necessary for your daily life.

Nearby city park

The site of the business centre is bordered by the historic Amatų street. Next to it, the municipality is developing a city park which should be opened in 2021.

The design of the park includes areas for relaxation, sports and community events, a park pavilion, green fields, hills and a children's playground.

A+ Energy Class efficiency

 A+ Energy Class building with advanced technical engineering and design solutions ensures great working conditions and low operation costs throughout the year.